how to setup dkim on proxmox mail gateway


Go to port 8006 go to settings – Mail Proxy – DKIM
It is necessary to set a selector that will be registered in DNS and register our domains that we want to sign with DKIM (Enable DKIM Signing is not necessary yet to set to Yes)
Selector let it be – mail (in many manuals it is set as default ) and the domain

Next, go to the DKIM generator at – – there you need to set our selector (mail), key length (1024) and the domain name that we want to configure
After generation, you will get three entries:
We are interested in a record for DNS and a private key (beginning —–BEGIN PRIVATE KEY—– this is it)
Now we edit the DNS record in the domain settings:
Add a TXT record (selector name you chose (mail) and _domainkey service word):


Let’s check that the record has appeared.

Go to

And remember our selector and domain name (mail and – you don’t need to add the words _domainkey – click check.
Is there a record? Fine

We now go to proxmox via ssh to the directory – /etc/pmg/dkim
And we see a file there containing the domain name (domains) and the private key (mail.private – which is generated by the system)
Change the content of the key – by copying the text from the generator (starting from —–BEGIN PRIVATE KEY—– and up to the end)

It remains to turn on the checkboxes in the backend – sign letters with a DKIM key –
Enable DKIM Signing set to Yes
Sing All Outgoing Mail to Yes

Here, in parallel, a question arose among those who suffer – what to do with two domains going through pmx?
Everything is the same, you do not need to generate a new key. Just make the same entry in DNS, well, enter it in the DKIM settings.

That’s all 🙂

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