how to export zimbra data cheat sheet


We will consider a universal way to export data from a Zimbra server.

Export Domains:

zmprov gad | tee -a domains.txt

Export user emails:

zmprov -l gaa | tee -a users.txt

Export admin users:

zmprov gaaa | tee -a admins.txt

Export user settings:

mkdir users_settings

for user in `cat users.txt`; do zmprov ga $user | grep -i Name: | tee -a users_settings/$user.txt ; done


mkdir passwords

for user in `cat users.txt`; do zmprov -l ga $user userPassword | grep userPassword: | awk '{ print $2}' | tee -a passwords/$user.shadow; done

Distribution lists:

zmprov gadl | tee -a distribution_lists.txt

And the list of addresses that are included in distribution groups:

mkdir distribution_lists

for list in `cat distribution_lists.txt`; do zmprov gdlm $list > distribution_lists/$list.txt ; echo "$list"; done


mkdir aliases

for user in `cat users.txt`; do zmprov ga $user | grep zimbraMailAlias | awk '{print $2}' | tee -a aliases/$user.txt ; echo $i ; done

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