How to disable Antivirus and antispam filter in zimbra


Check whether antispam and antivirus service is enabled currently on server using the given command:

zmprov -l gs | egrep -i 'serviceen|servicein' 

The above command will list all the services which are currently installed and enabled on the server. Like this:

zimbraChatServiceEnabled: TRUE
zimbraServiceEnabled: amavis
zimbraServiceEnabled: opendkim
zimbraServiceEnabled: stats
zimbraServiceEnabled: memcached
zimbraServiceEnabled: service
zimbraServiceEnabled: zimbra
zimbraServiceEnabled: zimbraAdmin
zimbraServiceEnabled: zimlet
zimbraServiceEnabled: mailbox
zimbraServiceEnabled: proxy
zimbraServiceEnabled: mta
zimbraServiceEnabled: ldap
zimbraServiceEnabled: logger
zimbraServiceInstalled: amavis
zimbraServiceInstalled: antivirus
zimbraServiceInstalled: antispam
zimbraServiceInstalled: opendkim
zimbraServiceInstalled: logger
zimbraServiceInstalled: mta
zimbraServiceInstalled: ldap
zimbraServiceInstalled: stats
zimbraServiceInstalled: proxy
zimbraServiceInstalled: mailbox
zimbraServiceInstalled: memcached

Disable the antivirus and antispam services using the given commands:

zmprov -l ms -zimbraServiceEnabled antispam 
zmprov -l ms -zimbraServiceEnabled antivirus 

Comment the following line in the file /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/

content_filter = smtp-amavis:[]:10024 

Restart services on server

zmcontrol restart 

Confirm that the antispam and antivirus services are disabled with the given command:

zmprov -l gs | egrep -i 'serviceen|servicein' 
zmcontrol status 

Verified against: ZCS 8.8

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