Zimbra reports “ Error: Queue report unavailable – mail system is down ”


After unexpected cold boot when you reboot Zimbra you can get following error:  “Error: Queue report unavailable – mail system is down”.

We can find that it does not starts correctly the service postfix MTA. But the system shows that everything is working properly:

zcs @ zimbra: ~ $ zmcontrol status
Host zcs.host.name
        antispam                Running
        antivirus               Running
        convertd                Running
        ldap                    Running
        LOGGER Running
        mailbox                 Running
        mta                     Running
        opendkim                Running
        proxy                   Running
        snmp                    Running
        spell                   Running
        stats                   Running
        zmconfigd               Running

We reviewed logs and services and we see that the MTA is down:

zimbra@zcs:~$ tail -f /var/log/mail.log
Junn 22 11:08:00 zcs postfix/postqueue[19195]: fatal: Queue report unavailable - mail system is down

zimbra @ zcs: ~ $ netstat -nlpt | grep 25

tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      

The problem is that there is master.pid file, which tells the postfix that is raised, but it really is not raised. We looked:

root@zcs:~# locate master.pid

And delete or rename master.pid

zcs root @: ~ # mv /opt/zimbra/data/postfix/spool/pid/master.pid /opt/zimbra/data/postfix/spool/pid/master.pid.ori

root@zcs:~# su - zimbra

Zimbra ZCS @: ~ $ zmmtactl start
Rewriting configuration files...done.
Starting saslauthd...already running.
/postfix-script: starting the Postfix mail system

All works fine.

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