how to import ip addresses list to mikrotik firewall


First fetch the address list in “mikrotik” format. Open “New terminal” in winbox. For example script:

/tool fetch url="" mode=http;
:log info "Downloaded spamhaus.rsc from";
:delay 40;
/ip firewall address-list remove [find where comment="SpamHaus"];
/import file-name=spamhaus.rsc;
:log info "Removed old Spamhaus records and imported new list";

This script downloads a file with a black list of IP addresses (spam) from the site to the firewall address list. Next, you can set up a firewall rule that will deny connections to these IP addresses.

Add rule to firewall for this list:

/ip firewall raw add chain=prerouting action=drop src-address-list=SpamHaus

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