D-Link switch cli-commands example


General commands

show ports 

Show information about ports

config ports X state enable   

Enable port X

config ports X state disable

Disable port X

config bandwidth_control <portlist> rx_rate <value 1-1000> tx_rate <value 1-1000>

Change port speed

config vlan default(vlan name) delete xx
config vlan v996 (vlan name) add untagged xx

Change vlan

show switch

Show information about switch

show log

Show switch log

show ports description

Show ports description field

config ports X description

Add port X description

show arpentry

Show arp-cache.

show fdb port X

Showing port MAC-addresses on port X

show fdb mac_address <MAC-address>

show packet ports portnumber

Show traffic statistics for portnumber. RX – received packets from client, TX – transmitted packets to client.

show utilization cpu

Show cpu utilization for 5 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minuts.

show utilization ports

Show ports utilization in PPS (packets per second)

show ipif

Shows configured ip-interfaces on switch

show iproute

Show switch ip routing table

sh fdb

Show all ip interfaces and all devices
MAC-addresses connected to switch

show error ports portnumber

Show errors on selected portnum

Error types

  • CRC Error –
  • Undersize –
  • Oversize
  • Jabber
  • Drop pkts
  • Fragment
  • Excessive Deferral
  • Collision
  • Late collision
  • Excessive Collision
  • Single Collision

Additional commands

show traffic control
show mac_notification
show port_security
show stp
show arpentry ipaddress <IP-address>
show dhcp_relay
show vlan
show lldp remote_ports

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