Error code C2557 Konika Minolta BizHub 222 / 250


Error code c2557 means “ATDC Sensor abnormality”.

It appears due to following reasons,

1-Imaging unit (Drum unit) parts life is expired,

2-Developer’s life is expired,.

3-Developer tank is hard, gears of the unit are not moving


For best results and smooth functioning of machine, simply call your technical services representative and he will help you in this matter.


if you want to do it yourself, you have to do this.

1-Press “UTILITY/COUNTER’ button on the machine’s panel.

2-Now press “check details” button. (appeared on the lcd screen)

3-Now press these buttons,


4-now press “Tech representative choice” button on LCD screen.

5-now press “PRINTER” button.

6-press “ATDC GAIN”

7-Now press the “c” button to clear the value, after clearing the value enter new value by using numeric pad.

Enter new value by adding 10 to the previous value. For example if the previous value was 150 you have to enter 160 now or 165.

8-Enter the new value and press the End button on the LCD screen and exit.

9-Now restart the machine..


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