dahua recorder (dvr / ip camera ) default password


This default password works for the old line of Dahua NVR, DVR, and IP cameras.

Method 1

Dahuaadminadmin192.168.1.108Master user
666666666666Guest user
default default Hidden user

Method 2

Download Dahua Password Generator (2022)

Link can be found with google. Simply run the password generator and enter the real DVR date (the date you see on the screen).

This solution, however, only works with previous Dahua DVRs/NVRs; it no longer works with current Dahua recorders, which have fresh firmware. You may use a password generator to reset the admin password for an old Dahua DVR if you forgot it. Other techniques for resetting the master/admin password for Dahua recorders may be found in this article.

Try following methods according to your need

this account can be used to access the recorder via the local interface and web browser

User NamePassword

local administrator account that works locally only, you have to use it directly via the monitor where the recorder is connected to

User NamePassword

 restricted account, it has limited privileges

User NamePassword

hidden user

User NamePassword

 account when connecting via telnet

User NamePassword

 There is no default password for the admin account on modern Dahua recorders or cameras. Any Dahua device will prompt you to generate an admin password the first time you use it. This procedure is known as “initialization,” and it is now used by all CCTV manufacturers.


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