Pomiacam BV01 Android / IOS App


The BV01 Mini Wireless Camera is a simplified version of the Police Body Camera. This model has its own display for viewing recorded video, has a wide viewing angle and a capacious battery, which is enough for long battery life, video recording up to 8 hours! It also supports recording while charging from an external battery such as PowerBank and the like. But not only these features distinguish the BV01 mini camera from other similar ones – this WiFi camera has high quality video in HD 1280 * 720 resolution, as well as Full HD 1920 * 1080 and 1728 * 1296P, in addition, a Novatek 96650 video processor is installed here! WiFi camera BV01 supports wireless connection with smartphones and tablets based on Android and iOS (Apple) according to the P2P standard, that is, direct connection (not over the Internet).

The most important thing, how the problem turned out to be, is to find an application suitable for this camera. Everything I tried was either too old or didn’t support this camera at all. But in the end, an application was found that works on both platforms.


Приложения в Google Play – TimaCam


‎App Store: TimaCam (apple.com)


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