windows 10: You cannot access this shared folder


How to regain access to shared folders in Windows 10

Probably, let’s start with the fact that the easiest way would be to completely reinstall the system using the latest image downloaded from the Microsoft server, it might also make sense to try installing Windows 10 “Professional” and check the result with this version of the system.

But, if you are not yet ready to reinstall your system and do not really want to experiment with different versions, you can use a temporary method that will be shown right now.

Its meaning is that in order to bypass the blocking of access without authentication, namely for unhindered access to network folders, we need to activate the “Enable unsafe guest logins” option in group policies.

Let’s start by launching the Group Policy Editor, open the “Wir + R” execution window and run the following command there.


On the left side, we find “Computer Configuration” and open the “Administrative Templates” folder, then “Network” and now on the right side we look for the item “Lanman Workstation” by opening it with a double click of the mouse.

In the available options that appear, open the “Enable unsafe guest logins” item.

A new window will open with the properties of this item, in which to bypass access blocking without authentication, you must change the value to “Enabled” and apply the changes.

After that, you should be able to connect to any public folders or network printers without any problems. Once again, I note that I discovered the problem on versions of Windows 10 (1709).


This option from the article did not help me in the latest corporate Win assemblies (Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.804]) , I got to figure out why.
I don’t know, maybe the assembly is a curve or Microsoft changed something, but for me this parameter of group policies did not change the value in the registry, and therefore was useless. After I manually changed the value of AllowInsecureGuestAuth in the registry branch
Computer \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ LanmanWorkstation \ Parameters -> AllowInsecureGuestAuth
set to 1, then everything worked instantly.
Maybe someone will help too.


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