How to synchronize time in an Active Directory domain


To synchronize time in an Active Directory domain, you need to take a few simple steps.
First you need to open the 123 udp port for the domain controller.
1. Run the command line as administrator.
2. Stop the W32Time service:

net stop w32time

3. We set the addresses of external time sources:

w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:",,"

4. Now we make the controller respond to clients with requests for time synchronization:

w32tm /config /reliable:yes

5. Start the W32Time time service:

net start w32time

6. Check the current configuration of the time service:

w32tm /query /configuration

On this, time synchronization in a Windows domain can be considered configured

w32tm / query / source – displays the time source that the Windows Time service is configured to
w32tm / monitor – when run on a domain controller (CD), shows how much the time differs on other CDs and on the external time source that the PDC is configured
w32tm / config / syncfromflags: manual / – configure the pool of ntp servers as a time source
w32tm / config / update – this command must be executed for the time service to apply the new settings
w32tm / resync – performing time synchronization
w32tm / unregister – unregisters a service and removes settings from the registry
w32tm / register – register a service and restore default settings

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