Description of web templates for Vesta control panel


Templates are stored in the following folder: /usr/local/vesta/data/templates/web/ you can compare them manually if you like. 

Here is short description.

default – no additional settings, works well for any site
basedir – to fight with phpshells using openbasedir directive
hosting – php limits for each domain (php_admin_value memory/safemode/etc)
phpcgi – tempalte to run php as cgi. can be useful to run php4 or php5.2
phpfcgid – to php as fcgi
wsgi – template to run python projects

default – serves static content, works well for most sites
hosting – disable_symlinks directive to protect from symlink atacks
сaching – dynamic pages are cached for 15 min to handle spontaneous traffic aka reddit-effect

default – general dns records
gmail – predefined records to host mail on google app
child-ns – template for vanity name servers

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